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Henry Ford

We set new standards in prototyping and pilot production. We implement projects in the highest quality, in the shortest lead times and at a fair price.

You can trust the expertise we have developed over many years, our ultra-modern technologies and punctual project processing. Our enthusiastic and highly qualified team will come up with fast and innovative solutions!

Our creative factory

more than 500 tools a year

more than 150 customer projects a year


Don't find fault, find a remedy.

Henry Ford

We manufacture tools for prototypes, pre-serial and small-batch parts using the injection moulding process. Our products and services are aimed at customers from the automobile industry, consumer goods and capital goods industry. Our efficient project management, ultra-modern technology and high-quality steel tools guarantee the highest quality. Our special service: You receive your product in accordance with certified standards including comprehensive documentation.

We offer

Efficient project management

The efficient implementation of your projects is our goal. Our experienced team offers you the highest quality with short lead times from conception through to the short lead times. Our many years of experience makes us a specialist in the areas of communication, coordination and solution-oriented thinking.


Certified Quality Assurance

In our measurement laboratory, we set new standards by using the most modern technologies available. Your projects will be implemented in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001:2015 regulations and in keeping with TS 16949.


Our measurement laboratory offers you


  • GOM 300 3D MEASURING (SCAN CLOUDDATA) including WITTE tensioning systems
  • GOM 150 Scanport
  • Digital microscope
  • Gloss level measurement in accordance with the current valid norms and standards

All our measuring processes are realised using the help of WITTE tensioning systems.

Material analyses

  • DSC analysis (Netzsch)
  • Density measurement
  • Testing of plastics for non-organic residues (e.g. glass fibres, chalk, ...)
  • Hardness test according to Shore

Preparation of operations equipment

Our production facilities in China produce high quality in accordance with European standards. When manufacturing our tools, for both serial as well as prototype tools we use standard components from renowned providers such as Hasco, DME, LKM, etc., as well as renowned hot-runner manufacturers such as, for example, Mouldmaster, Günther, Synventive, Yudo etc. The optimised processing procedures we have in place at our facilities guarantee the highest quality and the shortest lead times.



Here you can see an excerpt of the high-quality products that we produce on behalf of our customers.

Functional assemblies (assembling)

This automobile ventilation module consists of housing components, kinematic parts, assembly groups and double-component valves. The entire assembly (ultrasonic welding, clip-on mounting, snap-ons) of the functional prototypes were realised in pre-production quality.

Consumer / Industrial Goods

The housing was produced using Insert technology and corresponds with the IP66 standard. Our tool structure offers you the possibility to illustrate small-batch series.

Automobile Interior

Using a complex injection system, this loudspeaker grille was produced in pre-production quality in just a short amount of time. We can apply the serial grain finish to your prototypes upon request.

Surface finishing

Chroming, painting and applying the grain finish to the surfaces is a further service that we offer our customers.


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