The full range of services.

We offer our customers the complete range of services in prototyping, pilot and small mass production.

The range of our processes includes injection molding, multi-component technology, fabric back molding, hybrid components, die-casting, 3D printing and PU vacuum casting. und PU-VakuumgussThis variety of technologies allows us to offer a complete product portfolio in plastic and metal.

You receive your product according to certified standards including complete documentation.

Consulting and project management:
We know how.

Right from the start, our highly qualified employees provide you with competent advice on the conception, planning and execution of your project, even for complex tasks, and ensure efficient and target-oriented implementation. In addition to the component and tool design, the focus is on the best possible use of the cost framework, quality assurance and adherence to deadlines.

After the order has been placed, project planning and implementation are carried out by our teams of experts from Europe and China. Intensive communication with the customer, solution-oriented action and short lead times are our strengths.

Prototyping, pilot-series and short run production:
Equipped for all requirements.

Over the years, our processes and technologies have been optimised for the special requirements of prototyping, pilot and small series production..

The spectrum ranges from the classic injection molding process to multi-component technology (2K components), insert technology (overmolding of threaded sleeves, bushings, pins, conductive tracks...), extrusion blow molding (hollow bodies made of thermoplastics), film and fabric back injection processes, and gas injection technology (tubular thick-walled structural parts). We manufacture concept and functional prototypes in small quantities using selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), 3D printing (3DP) or PU vacuum casting processes.

The project-specific mold design ranges from simple steel molds with manual inserts to fully automatic molds with hot runner technology. With our machines from 20 to 2500 t clamping force, we produce parts up to a shot weight of 3,000 g. We use standard parts from well-known suppliers (such as Hasco, DME or LKM) and leading hot runner manufacturers (Mouldmaster, Günther, Synventive, Yudo and others) for all our molds.

For a perfect surface.

We offer a wide range of innovative technologies such as galvanisation, fabric, lamination, lacquering, graining,...

Assembly of components:
We do not separate what belongs together.

As a complementary service, we also take care of the installation of fully functional assemblies and kinematic components, up to the manufacture and procurement or purchase of all assembly parts in coordination with our customers.

On request, our experienced staff will assemble complex functional units such as centre consoles, door panels, air-conditioning systems, head boxes, glove boxes, air vents and more. This allows synergies to be exploited and ensures an efficient project flow. Time-consuming coordination between different project partners and delays can be avoided.

Quality assurance:
High-end is our benchmark.

For quality assurance, we use state-of-the-art process technology with the highest precision in accordance with the latest standards in our own measurement laboratory. The inspection of your projects is according to the guidelines of DIN ISO 9001:2015 and in accordance with TS 16949. Our measurement laboratory offers you:

  • GOM 300 3D measurement (Scan Clouddata) including WITTE clamping systems
  • GOM 135 Scanport
  • Tactile measurement – Wenzel CMM
  • Digital microscope
  • Gloss level and colour measurement according to the valid standards

All our measuring procedures are realized with the help of WITTE clamping systems.

Furthermore, we are certified according to the security standard TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange). This guarantees our customers professional data processing according to the latest standards and secure handling of process data along the entire process chain.